Jessica Thorley

Jessica joined Historic Coventry Trust as the Volunteer Coordinator in April 2020, having recently graduated with a postgraduate degree in International Heritage Management from the University of Birmingham, following on from an undergraduate degree in History and Heritage. During this time, Jessica discovered an interest in the elements of visitor experience, interpretation, the culture of the eighteenth-century country house and the concept of intangible heritage – customs, traditions, and sayings behind tangible heritage objects that formed the foundations of her studies. Her love for all things historic has fuelled both her academic endeavours and recreational activities from a young age.
Jessica spends her free time exploring historic houses and landscapes, whilst taking a break to enjoy my surroundings over a cup of tea and cake. She has previous experience in working with several heritage sector organisations such as English Heritage, the National Trust, and the Roman Baths working in a variety of different positions. Jessica has been a volunteer for the National Trust since 2014 working with their extensive collections, and this has emphasised the importance of this role within heritage organisations in preserving Britain’s heritage for everyone to access, enjoy and prosper from.